Peplink balance 20 + openvpn server on lan side

Hi all, i have a peplink balance 20 ( with 3 WAN connected:
-1adsl modem with static IP
-2 WAN with static IP
-3 WAN with bridge static IP
all works good and peplink make correctly balance on them.

i also have a firewall&VPN server (LAN: and WAN on LAN side ( of peplink.
I create forward policy to the IP of WAN side of server ( and NAT mapping but OPENVPN tunnel doesn’t works.
I tested the firewall with direcxt connetion of WAN and i can do OPENVPn connection.

Some configuration inside peplink blocks tunnel.
Someone can help me ?

Hi Marco,

You opened a traffic from outside FW to interface FW of OpenVpn Server ?

What type of OpenVpn system use ? ZeroShell or other ?


peplink lan side has an ip: that is WAN address of my firewall.
It is a debian custom based used for VPN server(nethesis)
I need to route traffic form outside peplink (one nic/connection) to that openvpn server

you need add a static route on balance for network of openvpn srv with next hop the ip of wan of firewall .
then you use a port forwarding function of balance to open the tcp port of openvpn srv to external connection .

My openvpn server also works as a proxy server. If
I make a static route from to an external Ip of a NIC that
acts as WAN, the proxy server would not route traffic through the three
nic but only to the nic I chose with the static route. Right?