Peplink Balance 20 & Novatel 4620LE

Hi, Is there a trick to getting this modem to work…It seems buggy. Most of the time it is stuck on connecting…when i reboot the router it says no device detected and then i have to turn off then turn back on the verizon mifi hotspot…unplug the cable a couple times…then it gets stuck on obtaining IP address…it really doesnt work well for some reason. I have the 5.4.7 Build 1648 firmware. Wan 1 (satelite internet) works fine but the mobile internet is crap. I have full bars…the service is through Millenicom and i have a static ip assigned (10 dollars extra a month) I know the 4620LE mifi hotspot works because i can connect my phone to it or my laptop and do a speed test. the IP address network for the peplink is and i have set the 4620LE modem to Please HELP !! thanks !!

Hi Socalguru,

This looks to be a fully supported modem. Please update your device to the most recent public firmware release to make sure you have the correct drivers for this device. 5.4.9 firmware is available at when you register your device. Once updated, please confirm you are still having issues. If so, start a support ticket at [email protected] and Peplink will take a closer look.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Mike Maitland

Try changing the health check settings of the USB wan to PING, and change the hosts to and . This works in my experience. Make sure you enable tether on the jetpack through its admin interface, its disabled by default. :wink:

Thanks, i actually updated the firmware after i posted this and now its working GREAT. ok last question… With my peplink balance 20 is there a way to limit the speed of the internet bandwitch on wan 1. I know you need the 380 to limit individual clients. I saw the Upload & download bandwidth settings under wan 1 and set it to 500 Kbps download and upload…did a speed test and i got 30000 Kpbs down and 3000 up. do i need to reboot the peplink?

The UL/DL bandwidth settings under the WAN 1 connection are used for the load balancing algorithms and will not throttle or cap the bandwidth available.