Peplink Balance 20 LAN speed

So this is an older router and has served me faithfully for a number of years. I upgraded to gig fiber last year, and this device wasn’t up to the task in terms of delivering speed. Long story short, I got it back out and set up with my fiber connection but when I connect it to my gig switch, the lights indicate that its only a 100T connection, not a 1000T connection. The fastest speed test is right under 100Mbs, and as I recall, I was getting much faster speeds before I retired this router.

So my question is… is there a setting that sets the LAN speed on this router? I’ve looked over everything and can’t find it/ don’t see it. Again, this isn’t about the max speed the router can handle on the WAN side, but on the LAN side.

Soooooo problem half-solved. I was using the 2nd LAN port and was only getting 100T on the switch. I moved it to the 1st port, and now the switch is showing 1000T. So for now, I’m good.

BUT if there is a setting for the different LAN speeds, it would be good to know about…


on some devices you can set the port speed here:

on other devices you have to open the support.cgi