PepLink Balance 20 IPSec To WatchGuard XTM 23

I was wondering if any one could possible help me out.
Been trying to figure this out for days.

Watchguard XTM 23 is at the main locations and i need to connect a Peplink Balance 20 using IPSec to it.
I have tried Different combinations but the 2 devices wont connect

Any recommended settingsā€¦ Any one got it to work?

(Besides replacing the Watchguard :stuck_out_tongue: )

Watchguard XTM 23 Firmware 11.6.1
Peplink Balance 20 Firmware 6.1.2

Thank you for readingā€¦


Are there any error messages at all?

I would ensure that the settings are correct on both ends.

Some things to look for:

Main Mode or Aggressive mode

-Use Main Mode if there are Public IPs on both terminating ends, remote/local id fields can be left blank if using Main Mode.

-Use Aggressive Mode if there is only one end that has a public IP. Local and Remote IDs will need to be entered in the format below (names can be changed but ā€œ@ā€ symbol is required).

Peplink Settings:

Local ID: Peplink@Watchguard
Remote ID: Watchguard@Peplink

Watchguard Settings:

Local ID: Watchguard@Peplink
Remote ID: Peplink@Watchguard

Also, ensure encryption methods are the same on either end and LAN Networks are unique.

I actually Found the convoluted setting on the Watchguard which was messing up the connection.
Will put up a basic Guide for everyone out there. Later in the day

Hi, not sure if you will receive this message, but did you by any chance finish the guide you were talking about?

Thanks in advance!


Hi CyrillinK,

Just wondering what the setting may have been? it would be valuable information for the community.


Any update on the guide?