Peplink Balance 20 HELP

We are a mobile church using the dual capabilities of the peplink.

I am not the most technological savvy, but I need help with ensuring my two hotspots are connected properly to ensure the maximum upload speeds.

We have mobile hotspots from AT&T and Verizon, each has the ability to connect to the peplink by way of Ethernet.

My question is how do I get both of these connections successfully added/ ran through my peplink to increase my bandwidth/speed?

When both are connected to the peplink only one shows up but I can’t see the other.

Please advise.

You can use the Balance 20 in Load Balancing & Failover mode , but not SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding.
To do Load Balancing make sure both devices WAN are configured in always on priority.
From the network tab edit each WAN and change Connection Priority to “Always-on (Priority 1)”
On your network → Outbound policy make sure it’s set to (Auto)
You will be able to see the status of which devices are using which WAN under Status → Active Sessions → Interface , select WAN 1 or WAN 2.
Under Outbound Policy you can set specific source ip’s to different Algorithm’s such as enforced or least used , or lowest latency.
Make sure you do a dhcp reservation on the client tab if you want to make sure the rules are applying to the devices that you think they are.

To do bonding you will want to look at a Balance 20x and speedfusion cloud , setup a fusionhub solo or work with a partner that hosts speedfusion tunnels.

Hope this helps.

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But to confuse things further you can use SpeedFusion Cloud to Bond both connections.

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This is a great point!
I think the datasheets should note that a typical “Load Balancing & Failover” device can enable bonding when using SpeedFusion Cloud.

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for the info. so in essence the device itself functions primarily as a failover and should not be used with the ideal of increasing bandwidth. Gotcha. So just to confirm, both internet sources need to be added as WAN’s in peplink and set to priority?

Correct that’s one option also , as @MartinLangmaid SFC will enable bonding if you want to try that route.

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