Peplink Balance 20 Gigabit WAN Ports/User Groups Bandwidth Control

Hey any chance in the future that you guys can make the WAN ports on the Balance 20 Gigabit and have the User Groups Bandwidth Control Feature as well?

They reason is because we have tons of customers in the 10-50 device range that we are running computers and IP phones through and we use a lot of internet circuits breaking the 10/100 threshold. Example: Cablevision Ultra 100/50 or Verizon Fios 75/75. We VLAN a lot as well so it would be nice to have the full throughput ability and also to guarantee our IP phones a percentage of bandwidth being that we are at the core a VoIP company. Also the User Groups Bandwidth Control feature would also be great for us on the Balance One. We are primarily deploying 20’s, and One’s. That tends to be our market.


Starting from 6.2 GA, Individual Bandwidth Limit is supported for all models.

Balance 20 do support Gigabit WAN port.

Thats great and this whole time I thought that the WAN ports were 10/100 and only LAN ports were Gig, nvm. Thanks

*Any Chance you will have the User Groups bandwidth assignment like you have on the Balance 305 and up?


Please consider B305 if you need QoS User Groups.

Thank you.