Peplink balance 20 failover times not really acceptable

I purchased the peplink balance 20 just to use for failover but whats this cold standby business? I have it set to consider the primary connection disabled on 1st event and checking every 5 seconds which is the minimum duration for health check and yet it takes 23-26 seconds to failover? I’m talking from the time I kill the modem to the time i can ping again using the backup connection (i dont disconnect the ethernet cable from behind the peplink as thats not really an acceptable failover test).

Edit: I feel its important to note that I don’t want load balancing I just want failover.

Edit2: I’m thinking majority of that duration is spent coming out of cold standby? Why is it in a cold standby mode anyway why can’t it just be already connected just not routing any traffic through to it until WAN1 fails?

Edit3: To further clarify both ISPs are far from rock solid. The WAN1 ISP is at least 10 times more stable than the WAN2 ISP so I don’t want any traffic going through WAN2 unless WAN1 is down and thats why I don’t want to use load balancing.


Cold standby is mainly used for connections that are pay per byte.

In your case you will want to keep both WANs connected. Then create the below outbound policy rule:

It will send all traffic traffic to the first WAN link in the list. Once it fails it will route all traffic to the next connection below it.

Terminate Session on Link Recovery: WAN1 fails, you then go out WAN2. Once WAN1 comes back it will terminate all traffic on WAN2 and WAN1 will be used.

Thanks I will try that later today.

Is it possible for me to do the above suggestion and make it so that the Peplink balance 20 just acts like a failover device while another router behind it handles everything? I wanted to add an Asus RT-N16 with tomato firmware to my network to provide wifi + vpn but I was thinking maybe it would be easier to let the asus rt-n16 handle everything but the failover. What do you think?

I would recommend having the Balance be the workhorse to handle everything such as DHCP, Portforwarding and FW. If the Asus is capable of being deployed in bridged mode, I would setup this way. Otherwise you can certainly turn of DCHP in Balance and the Asus will handle that.

Only draw back to (if using) port forwarding is that if the Asus is handling everything you will need to create a portforward in the Balance and the Asus, this is the main reason why I would recommend having the Balance handle everything.

Alright that is how I currently have it setup I just can’t seem to figure out how I can get the Asus RT-N16s open VPN to function.

Well that worked nicely now it changes over in about 4 seconds. Ooma does not appear to like IP changing one bit but everything else seems good.

I have been experiencing these delays lately and since i’ve removed the above session I do not appear to be getting them again. Its as if im lagging but no latency is detected via pings and traceroutes. Any ideas?

Can you elaborate more on the issue you are experiencing?

Sites would occasionally stop responding even popular ones like etc. Everyone would stay still in online games then zoom ahead to the spot they were really at. It all just looks like general latency like if I was dropping packets occasionally but pings and traceroutes were find.

Weird… Sounds like it could be an issue with the ISP itself.

That was my initial assumption but when plugged into the modem directly the problem went away. When I plugged the peplink back in the problem returned. When I removed the outbound policy you guys had me add the problem also seems to have gone away.


This could be the congestion on primary WAN link when using Priority rule. Please check the bandwidth usage (Status > Real-Time) during the problem occur. High usage?

nope no high bandwidth usage


How about CPU load? You can check this on Dashboard.

This problem only happen on peak hours?

I think cpu load was about 15%, I use the peplink balance 20 for my home business. It doesnt appear to be based on how much internet activity is taking place.


No idea now without accessing to box. Please open ticket for us to check further. Please download Diagnostic Report during problem occur and turn on Remote Assistance as well.