Peplink Balance 20 doubts


For a home office, where I require 8 wired LAN points and a wireless access point, I am evaluating the products Peplink Balance 20 Dual-WAN and AP One Mini and I have the following questions:

  1. Which device (brand, model) do you recommend to achieve the required 8 ports, that work well with the Peplink Balance 20?
  2. Is the AP One Mini suitable for media streaming with a device such as WD TV Live?

Thanks for your help,


Hello Gparra- The Peplink Balance 20 has a built in 4 port LAN switch and if you need more ports you would just simply need to add another switch. There are many to choose from on the market and we do not recommend a specific brand or model. The AP One Mini is suitable for all wireless LAN client devices, including media streaming.

Hello Tim, thanks for your answer. If you can’t recommend an specific brand or model, can you recommend to me any specification that guarantee a succesful instalation?

Pretty much any layer 2 switch will work fine. You may want to consider a Gigabit switch to match the Balance 20’s switch.

Thank you Tim