Peplink balance 20 & ddwrt openvpn router

I am trying to configure my network.
Here are the devices:
2 WAN routers (1 ADSL, 1 WIMAX) - both are giving out an ip address via dhcp
1 peplink balance 20 - I have the 2 WAN routers plugged into the 2 WAN ports on this
1 cisco e4200 router with DDWRT installed (and I want to install an OpenVPN VPN on it)
1 Apple TimeCapsule

Here is the configuration I am trying to do:
2 WAN Routers -> Peplink Balance 20 -> Cisco E4200 (running OpenVPN VVPN) -> Apple TimeCapsule -> Devices (Wired Printer, and multiple wireless devices)

I’m not trained in doing this at all. I can’t figure out how to set up the connection between the Peplink Balance 20 and the Cisco E4200.

I am open to changing the configuration above if needed.


As of right now, I can’t even get the Cisco E4200 to have internet access from the Peplink Balance 20.

If I plug the Peplink Balance 20 directly into my Apple TimeCapsule (and I have the TimeCapsule set to Bridge mode) I am able to get internet on all my wireless devices and I am able to print to the networked printer.

I believe the Cisco E4200 is in router/NAT mode, whereby you have another network or IP range at the Cisco E4200 LAN. If that is the case, you might need to add this LAN IP range into the static route of the Balance 20. Just go to Network -> Interfaces -> LAN, scroll down to Static Route Settings of the LAN interface and enter the Cisco E4200 LAN IP range and set the Cisco E4200 WAN interface IP as Gateway.

Please try and let us know if it works.