Peplink Balance 20 - cannot access remote resources via PPTP

Set up a VPN user and connection in the Peplink 20, I can connect fine from outside my network using Windows 10 PPTP VPN client.

Once I get connected I can get to the Peplink config page no problem, but trying to ping or RDP to any network clients is wildly inconsistent. Most of the time I can’t ping or find anything else on the network, but occasionally it will just start working fine and I can do both, then a bit later it stops working again. Just a few moments ago I connected the VPN, was unable to browse, left it connected and went to the bathroom, when I came back it was working. I am never disconnected from the VPN connection, it just seems to be unable to consistently navigate the remote network.


A previous thread on this issue suggested creating an inbound rule to route 192.168.0.x to itself, this didn’t seem to have any effect, as the inconsistent browsing remained whether that inbound rule was in effect or not. Below are the VPN adapter settings, it is on the same subnet as the remote network (192.168.0.x). Thanks!


Firmware version: 6.3.3 build 3231

I guess the answer is “buy a router that works instead of this one”, so I went ahead and bought a Fortinet router instead. Won’t make the mistake of buying Peplink again.

Well, hope it works for you. Sorry you had problems with the Balance 20 and the firmware that is many, many versions old! And, FWIW, you may want to try something other than PPTP with whatever router you use. It’s offered, but other protocols such as L2TP and OpenVPN are far more secure.