Peplink balance 20 bpl - 021

Hi all. Im newbie here need help, my office got this peplink balance 20 bpl-021 router. I set a l2tp vpn connection. Then i try test to connect all user with 3 diffrent laptop. Upon third user it wont connect. Is it cause the model support only 2 tunnel for l2tp?

Hello @Zamir_Faiz, welcome to the Forum!

What firmware version is running on your device? Thanks

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Hi Tim my current version is 6.3.4

Hi. As a first measure you may wish to install the current FW. (I know that’s what @Tim_S is going to tell you … :nerd_face:) There have been many good changes/improvements since the old version you are running. See … All hardware versions of the Balance 20 can take the latest firmware. - Rick

Thanks @Rick-DC, we always appreciate all of your help here on the Forum and so does the community!

Hi Rick thanks. will try to reschedule the update for the hardware.Hi Tim thanks also for your support