Peplink B30 LTE reporting firmware of AP incorrectly

Background/configuration:One Balance 30 LTE, controlling two AP On AC Mini
B30 LTE running firmware 6.3.2s027 build 3209
APs running firmware 3.5.3 build 1607

One the B30 LTE, open the AP tab, then select “Access Point.”

The table lists the two APs, however, one with firmware 0 (zero), the other reporting firmware 3.5.3
The incorrectly listed AP reports itself (when accessed directly, at the dashboard) as running 3.5.3 build 1607.


Please advise.


Please open a support tickethere for the team to further check. This is rather strange.

Thank You

Ticket posted.



Hi Sigurd,

We will follow-up with you using support ticket.

Thank You
Sit Loong

Sit Loong,

Thanks for the swift response and resolution. (Ticket closed.)