Peplink ARP table / arping tool

would like either tool. It would helps to identify if one of our customers that we actively support has extra public IPs available, If we switch into drop-in mode etc…

see the peplink’s arp table


arping tool

Hello Team,

I would have to agree, it would be nice to be able to see the ARP table - but it would also be very useful to have a “clear ARP table” button of some sort to flush that table. we have come across many cases where clients are wanting this,and we also feel it would be a useful feature. thoughts ?

+1 from me for this as well.
To be able to display the ARP table would be useful when troubleshooting connectivity. It is a fundamental that we really should be able to see.
Also, mac learning table display could be useful when doing L2 tunnelling (assuming the Pep learns macs in that mode).

Many thanks

+1 also for me, it would be a great option.


This could be a great tool!

++++++1 Agreed. We have a situation where a server is retired, but the IP address needs to be used for existing applications. add same IP address to interface on new server and address is no longer pingable over VPN, yet locally the IP address is pingable. Clearing ARP cache will likely resolve this issue.

Another +1 here.

Hi all,

We will support some arp tools in future release. Stay tuned!


Hey just curious when the new firmware will be released? Rough Estimate?


We yet to have solid timeframe. This definately in our road map.

Please stay tuned.


It’s been a couple of years since the last post. Any news on when this feature might get implemented?


Another +1 for the ARP table being visible, useful for troubleshooting.


+1 for the ARP table visibility and the ability to remove specific entries. This is necessary for helpful troubleshooting.

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+1 pretty basic feature for any sd-wan product today

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+1 wait ARP feature

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+1 ARP - any updates, last comment was 2019. Thanks

Dear all, please to inform that showing ARP table and arping tool are available now. Please refer to the screenshot below:

Please refer to our CLI documentation here -