Peplink API


we plan to design some equipment and peplink one of main Router , we have already we interface for our equipment just need some API to control Peplink over HTTP or else.

its good if you have API port and Codes Like Mikrotik then we able to implement peplink in our design.

API feature request.
1- Changing IP address for WANs, LAN.
2-Get Real time traffic , Now we use SNMP.
3-Disable Enable Interfaces.
4-add,delete,edit VPN Speed Fusion.
5- API under separate user authentication or Key.


APIis under development, Ahmed. It is a popular feature request and I expect to see it later in the year.

I’m hoping that the API will allow setting parameters that are not part of the web UI.

i have an issue related to Charter residential ISP (and a feature request) here that might be addressed if the API would allow changes to the method the Balance 20 uses to interact with the cable modem…

fingers crossed!

Any news on the API?

Any updates on this?


The device API development is in the roadmap, we will announce this when it becomes available.

Optionally, you may want to consider our InControl 2.0 API, which already released to select partner/customer on demand basis. You may obtain more information here.

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Is the device API still on the roadmap? If it is, how far down the road is it?


Hi Dana,

Can you share what you expect to get from device API?


Raising old topic up. Any estimate of API for Balance routers (e.g. 580, 710, etc…)

Needed info would be:

  • Realtime bandwidth usage (Rx/Tx) per WAN
  • Down/Upload amounts
  • Speedfusions statistics (Rx/Tx/Loss rate/Latency, used WAN port)


Hi Karl, you can check out our API for InControl2 here:

I have check IC2 API stuff, but what I’m looking for is more like local controls of router. If there would be a possibility to read parameters out of router via API, that would be great.
If that is not possible, then we need to grab parameters from router web-server and that is the last preferred way to do it.