Peplink AP vs Ubiquiti / Unifi

I am ready to deploy a system using a Max HD 4 fully populated. I was planning on using Ubiquiti Wide-Area Outdoor Dual-Band Access Points; I understand the Unifi controller and find it easy to use. Can someone with practical knowledge advise on the benefits and drawbacks of using a Pepwave AP?
Do I need a Pepwave AP to have Incontrol2 Portal capability?

Thank you

Good access points are easily to manage centrally and perform well from an RF standpoint. Peplink APs are really easy to manage using InControl2 or the AP controller built into the MAX / Balance products. They also perform very well too.

However Ubiquiti radios are very good as well so if you are happy with Ubiquiti radios and their management, and have used them before for this kind of thing then you should stick with them. Why add more complications for yourself?

You will need to deploy the ubiquiti APs in a simple flat network so captive portal on the HD4 can do its thing.

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Nothing is deployed yet, I need to bench configure; walk into facility , drop in place and manage from another building. I purchased several Pepwave AP ONE to be able to keep consistency with the Balance 20, Balance One, and the HD4.

There will be 2 deployments, (1) for general internet access to 200 persons with access rules governed by the Incontrol2 Portal. (2) VOIP phones from a Balance One with 4 LTE Modems.

I am not an IT professional; not even a hobbiest…an IT novice by necessity,

May I make a comment? I agree with what @MartinLangmaid said, above. We’ve installed and presently maintain both Peplink/Pepwave APs and those made by Ubiquity. Both work well. I’d say, however, that we’ve come to prefer the “all Peplink” solution for the simple reason that a very good AP controller is built into Peplink routers. It’s more friendly to use and maintain than the Ubiquity CloudKey, although that product has been much improved in the recent past. We do not use IC2 at any location and still find the Peplink solution best. (BTW, the Peplink iOS Router Utility “app” is also extremely useful in watching network behavior – including wi-fi clients.)

An additional advantage is that users and partners alike receive great support from Peplink. Ubiquity? Well … sometimes.