Peplink AP to cat18

I am going to install a Max Transit Cat18 with a 7:1 Parsec roof antenna. I would like to dedicate the roof WiFi for campgrounds etc long distant use. Can a Peplink AP Mini be used connected to the CAT18 Lan for AP use inside the RV, and can I use any house 12 v power spiced to the AP Mini’s small DC power adapter connector for non Poe connection? Or will the Lan or Wan on the CAT18 provide enough power for the Mini. The distance will be pretty short from the router. I would dedicate it for normal inside use of devices 27 ft motor home. Thanks

Max Transit does no poe at all. So the AP will need to have its own source.

The mini DC port requires a fixed 12V input which your RV house battery likely wont supply.

If your heart is set on the AP Mini then I would suggest using a 12V PoE injector as that will be designed to accommodate varying 12V source. In my van the 12V source is between 11V-13.8V. You need hardware that can tolerate this.

Here is an injector I have used to power a PoE AP in my van. -Tycon Systems TP-DCDC-1248GD-HP

The AP One Rugged supports variable 12V power. And has terminal block to make wiring easier.

I thank you for the feedback I believe your right on the AP Rugged version I could daisy chain the power with the Max Cat18 nearby and use just a short Ethernet cable to connect without PoE…
I will test the inside RV WiFi using the external Parsec WiFi antenna first if it doesn’t penetrate enough and give me good results I will order the Rugged AP.

If you expect to be doing a fair amount of Wi-Fi-as-WAN then I would highly suggest a dedicated access point for client traffic inside your RV.

Having separate hardware for wifi-wan and local-client-wifi is MUCH more stable!

Thanks agreed…will probably go with the Rugged AP since I can install everything pretty easy in one shot.