Peplink 710 SNMP

Hi folks,

We want to monitoring peplink 710 via the snmp, but we not able to connect to the snmp. Our monitoring tool is coming from Internet to peplink WAN IP. We have enable v1, v2c, trap under the snmp setting. It seems like the port 161 is closed. Any help would be appreciated.

Be sure to download and use the latest MIB for the Balance here.

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Thank you Ron. We did. But we kept seeing the snmp port is closed on peplink balance. Is this normal? We have already enable the snmp setting on peplink, anything else we missed?


Please share your SNMP setting screenshot for Balance device here. Beside that, may i know the firmware version running ?

Last, do you configure any setting for the below:
System —> Security Admin

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Hi Sitloongs,

No, i did not configured any setting under the Security admin.

Firmware is 7.1.2 build 5274

Attached with the screenshot.


You need to configure the “Community Name” , “Allowed Source Network” and the “Access Mode”.

Make sure the “Allowed Source Network” is defined correctly as that will be your SNMP server/polling Network/IP.



We have configured community name, allowed source before. Attached with the the screenshot. It still doesnt work. I check on the peplink snmp port from a website, it said port is closed.

i thought of access via CLI, I have enabled ssh on peplink, but i cant access.
On the WAN access, i have allow any for inbound. Not sure what else i can do here?

Hello @Pagan,
Lots of ISPs filter port#s through their networks. It is worth asking your ISP if they are blocking the port.

This is a capture from an ISP we use in Australia, we leave their default port blocking on unless we actually need one of these ports.

This may not be your case, though it is worth asking your ISP again.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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