Peplink 710 and VDSL

Hello. We have a peplink 710 (firmware 5.4.9). We recently updated one ADSL line 24/1 Mbps to VDSL 50/5 Mbps. I updated the WAN connection. But when i download big files, the device disconnects the line and connects again. download stops. the disconnection doesn’t have to do with the provider, i checked. it happens when someone downloads something. is there a compatibility issue with VDSL?


Hello George, there is no compatibility issues with VDSL. This is just another Ethernet-based connection like ADSL, Cable modem, etc. Please open a support ticket for further investigation:

Hello. So there is no issue with PPPoE VDSL connections? The vdsl modem/route is in bridge mode and Peplink handles the connection.

There should be no problem with this setup. Did you start a support request?

Yes i did. thanks