PepLink 710 and FortiGate80C with VLAN

Hi there I have a Peplink 710 that balanc three ADSL internet connections. and behind the Peplink 710, I have a fortigate80C as a firewall, and I have two VLANs, VLAN 100 and VLAN 200 -one for each company in the two floors- . My question is: is there a way to have my VLAN 100 connect to ADSL1& ADSL2, and VLAN 200 connect just to ADSL3. I want each VLAN to go to the Internet throw the specified ADSL modem.



As long as the FortiGate firewall NAT is disabled then you can use Balance 710 “Outbound policy” to forward the network traffics base on your requirements.

Example Outbound Policy for VLAN 100:

Example Outbound Policy for VLAN 200:

Many thanks.
I will give it a try.