Peplink 5G solutions have aging modem firmware

I have a peplink balance 310 5g, i notice not ONE update for the sierra cat12, it's running old/dated firmware from sierra from 2017 when using ATT.  The latest firmware on sierra's site is dated Nov 2021! The thales 5G (rapidly evolving) model now has version T99W175.F0.**075** and being advertised as "Critical" Severity and released in February, the latest available from peplink is .**063** (introduced with peplink firmware 8.2) . I was optimistic purchasing a $2,000 router that the modules would have routine updates of some manner. My perception is Peplink believes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" , which doesn't work in technology.  Hopefully anyone reading this can upvote/heart this to get some recognition. Thanks
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