Peplink 5G Devices Officially Receive Verizon Certification

Peplink’s mission is to make connectivity reliable, especially in networks that are safe and secure for you to use. After much effort, we are proud to announce that 3 more Peplink 5G devices are now officially Verizon certified:

As part of our Verizon certified portfolio, you can now activate our 5G devices on the Verizon network to bring you reliable connectivity in an assured and secure network.


Nice job, Peplink Team! My MAX BR1 Pro 5G automatically connected to the Verizon 5G NSA network today for the first time. No changes required on my part. Band n5, using a business data-only plan and a post-paid data-only plan.


Glad it worked seamlessly! Thanks for the feedback.


Good work Peplink team. Thank you!
Working great for me on a Pro 5G using the VzW 100GB Pro plan as well as a PagePlus plan. Easy 150 down and 45 up. Also working well on T-Mobile.

I’ll add my kudos as well. I just added a $20/mo. sim card to my cat18 and the vzw registration process was seamless and effortless. The vzw system recognized the imei and applied the 50% discount associated with my phone plan

Verizon is currently blocking the MAX BR2 5G from their network. Is there an ETA on MAX BR2 5G certification? @isanniam

Hi Eric. The certification for this device is still in progress and is expected to be ready around October. Could you share with us how you’re using your BR2 Pro 5G?

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@isanniam I did eventually get it to connect to verizon using my existing SIM. I think that might be a bug which I opened a ticket for.

I will be using the BR2 Pro 5G within my campervan with ATT & Verizon. I have been using two BR1 5G’s as a pair. But that configuration limited ethernet expansion. I recently got starlink RV which I will attach to ethernet wan1. Ethernet wan2 I will hook into a BR1 5G and occasionally move a sim card over then attach a mast-mounted directional LTE antenna to it instead of the omni antennas mounted to the roof.