Peplink 580 PPTP Server

Hi all,

We just received a Peplink 580 load balancer to distribute 5 WANs across our office. A little background and setup info:

Previously we used 2 WANs on a DrayTek firewall. We setup a PPTP server on there using one of the WANs. To connect to the VPN from a client PC, we would simply enter the public IP address as the VPN (PPTP) server.

We now have 5 WANs (hence the upgrade to Peplink from DrayTek). We use the same ISP but due to slow limited bandwidth in our area (up to 5Mbps) we have opted to use 5x5Mbps connections balanced across the office. I am trying to use the PPTP server on the Peplink 580 and so far, I have enable the PPTP server on the WAN 1 connection. I have created a local user account but we are having no luck in connecting to the PPTP server from an external client PC.

Can anyone please explain the next step in connecting to the PPTP from a PC outside the LAN?

Many thanks

You may refer to this configuration guide to check if there is any step missing.

Hi Stanley

Thanks for your reply. Before posting, I had looked through lots of previous post and had found the guide that you linked to. As I mentioned in my original post, I’ve setup the PPTP server - that’s very straight forward - but the guide makes no mention of configuring a client to connect to the PPTP server from outside the LAN. Are there any guides you can link to for that?

Many thanks

This varies from device to device or OS to OS, but it is pretty straightforward. Generally, you just need the IP address and the username and password.

Hi Tim,

Yes it’s very straight forward on my DrayTek since the DrayTek acts as the modem and so any queries to our public IP address are handled by the DrayTek itself. With the Peplink setup, we have separate modems feeding the WAN ports on the Peplink. Any queries on the public IP address will still be handled by the modems, not the Peplink. Do I need to forward any ports on the modem to the Peplink?


If the Peplink is not holding any public IP, you need to configure port forward for TCP/1723 and IP/47 from the modem that hold the public IP. This should be the missing part.

Excellent, I had forgotten about Protocol 47 and was just forwarding TCP/1723. Thank you very much for the help - all working now.

Glad to hear that!