PEPLINK 580 LCD no status display


can anyone help us here…please…your thoughts would be appreciated tho this device is obsolete.

Hello John ( @John_Estra ),
The fault can be caused by several things, though only Peplink is authorised to fix the unit, so I will not go into details.

You need to log a support ticket with Peplink ( ) or your supplier to get the unit repaired. Depending on your warranty agreement with your supplier, shipping costs and logistics may be yours. You will need an RMA from Peplink first (issued through the ticket system) before commencing any shipments.

If the unit is not under warranty, you may find it more suitable to contact your Local Peplink partner for options for a replacement. If they are not helpful, log a support ticket with Peplink; it may be repairable though this can be costly without a warranty.

Let us know what country you are in and share your Peplink Support Ticket # here for reference.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

For what it is worth: We’ve had a couple of Balance 580s that had the same display issue. Aside from the LCD issue they were functioning fine - until they were not…

One of them lasted a couple of years before dying, the other a few months.

They were out of warranty, and we were not critically dependent on either so we could afford to leave them in use while it lasted, postponing the expense of replacing them.

Good luck,


Thank you for this, Marcus. Will try to take this to our local supplier. Will post an update here when i get their feedback.