Peplink 580 - Lan port bonding

I have a Peplink Balance 580 HW3 FW 6.2.0 build 1333

I notice this unit has 3 ports labeled LAN, yet when I go into the GUI I can only find reference to LAN1. In what manner can the 2 additional LAN ports function? I would love to be able to bond(LACP?) LAN1 and LAN2 and use that as the trunk to connect to my core switch. Is a configuration like this possible? If not, what happens if I connect LAN1 and LAN2 to my switch?

Thank you for any clarification.


The extra LAN ports use to connect multiple LAN devices. For example you have 3 firewalls behind B580 and buying additional switch is not an option.

We will support LACP on LAN ports in the coming release. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the response. I got even more confused when reading the Firmware 6.2 manual. In the LAN section it clearly has options to choose ports and setup LACP, but my Peplink doesnt have those options. The 6.2 manual must accidentally have content form the next firmware revision.

The 2500 is the only Balance model supporting LACP (802.3ad) NIC bonding with 6.2 firmware. The user manual covers all models and you are correct there is no reference to which model supports this feature currently.

Thank you for the info. I will anxiously await the next firmware to see if this ‘new’ feature is present.