PEPLink 580 best practice

Below are my requirements… please let me know how best it can be done…?

I needs exact Load Balance.

I have a firewall before peplink at LAN.

I have 3 ISPs. Total Bandwidth must be cumulative of all three ISPs.

I need Policy route for range of Machines. i.e. Some hosts must only go via 1st ISP.

I need IPSec tunnel between two branches and that is again with certain ISP.

I have Sonicwall PRO 3060 firewall with Sonic OS Enhance 5.8 firmware.

Peplink can be configured in Drop in mode. But again we require additional static IP for that. No Other than 3rd ISP has static IP available for Theorem. So until unless we terminate 1st ISP line to Sonicwall; IPSec tunnel is not possible as I desire.

         Configuring Sonicwall in bridge mode, we can only bridge a LAN interface with WAN interface I believe. And after doing that which IP should I be configuring on WAN interface of Sonic…?? Which will be Sonicwall LAN interface and IP address..?? where to where should we apply policies for controlling users..??? And Sonicwall is Zone based firewall… where in which all traffic from LAN zone to WAN zone is by default NATted.

Please give your valuable input and solution on this.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Vinayak,

Thank you for choosing Peplink.

As for your requirement, it is quite hard for us to understand just explaining by words.

It would be great if you could send us a network diagram on what you have in mind, together with all the requirements.(Eg: IP Address available for each ISP, Which ISP is for IPSec tunnel, etc)



Eric Chen