Peplink 380 with USB LTE modems/routers

Here is my scenario.

We have two campuses currently running Peplink 380’s on each campus. Each 380 has two WAN’s using retail DSL and cable connections. We are adding fiber links on each campus within the next few months. We now have a third campus coming online but it’s location has TERRIBLE bandwidth options with 1 mbps DSL being the fastest. We need a consistent 7 mbps at the bare minimum to stream live HD content into the campus on Sunday mornings. We are working with local terrestrial providers and we are investigating a dedicated wireless back haul to provide more bandwidth to the campus as a long term solution.

In the mean time we have also considered using one of our spare Peplink 380’s to aggregate multiple LTE based connections using USB modems and USB LTE routers to supply bandwidth to the WAN ports of the 380 then connecting back to our other campuses via Speedfusion. Are there any pitfalls to this setup that need to be considered keeping in mind we are really focusing on reliability and perfect live streaming as our main goals. We expect to consume at least 30 gigs a month just in video streaming alone so the LTE modems will not be the final solution. They would be a semi-temporary solution until we can work out a reliable terrestrial connection with fiber possibly being in the future within a couple of years.

Yes we have looked at the HD2’s and HD4’s but would like to use the 380 we have on hand if possible.


I generally don’t recommend using USB modems or Mi-Fi’s in a commercial application, they can be unreliable and need to be re-seated from time to time. Since you want to make use of a 380 I would look at getting MAX-BR1’s with embedded modems and take the output of these to feed into the WAN ports on the 380. In the cellular world it is pretty much impossible to guarantee a constant bandwidth but this will give you the best option to achieve your goal. Thanks.