Peplink 380 + Pfsense bridged with Untangle


My current setup with Peplink is this:

modem1 --+

modem2 |–>PEPLINK 380 –>PFsense(FW)–>(bridged with)Untangle–>LAN

modem3 --+

The LAN clients’ gateway is the LAN IP address of PFsense box and my outbound policy algorithm is Weighted Balance w/ equal load distributions. My question is can I still use the QoS Bandwidth Control feature on Group Bandwidth reservation even if we are behind Untangle and PFSense?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Roderick,

Peplink User Groups Bandwidth Control is by IP and subnet. If your pfSense is doing NAT for your LAN then Peplink will see all traffic coming from one single IP address - that is the IP address of your pfSense.

To ensure your critical traffic is properly served even at peak hour we can take advantage of Application QoS for traffic prioritisation. It would be as easy as selecting the applications that we would like to prioritise on the Balance web admin page under Network > QoS > Application and assign priority as appropriate.



Hi Kurt,

Thanks for your reply. If I would be able to disable NAT on my pfSense box, do you think that Peplink Balance would be able see the traffic coming from LAN and that I can use the Bandwidth Control? What I really want is to set a specific bandwidth allocation to specific groups (by IP) which is not possible in pfSense. I would like to allocate more bandwidth percentage to our computer lab because of their on-line activities. Appreciate your help.


Hi Roderick,

In that case it should work - we will be able to define different User Groups by IP and Peplink will be able to manage bandwidth accordingly when the network is at high load.



Hi, how will work my port forwarding and all other features like PFSense has, if I decide to integrate with Peplink

Port forwarding and NAT Mapping are fully supported and are very easy to configure on our web admin page. Have a look under Network > Services and see for yourself. UPnP and NAT-PMP are supported too.

You can configure web blocking on Peplink too if you want. I believe your Balance 380 is doing just fine for you?