Peplink 310 Port forwarding internal port translation


I can’t really be sure if I’m actually reading both the GUI as well as the documentation wrong, but isn’t there an option to specify the internal port while doing port forwarding on a Peplink 310?
I’ll specify both scenarios here.

What I can manage to sort out without port translating:

Client connects to port 8080 to Peplink WAN IP and gets forwarded to LAN IP on port 8080.

What I would like to have, as I believe every port forwarding router have the capability of

Client connects to port 8080 to Peplink WAN IP and gets forwarded to LAN IP on port 80.

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This is actually quite easy to set up, please refer to the following KB article from our website:

Thanks -Tim

Hi Tim and thanks for your reply, but I don’t think you understand what I mean, or it’s me beeing utterly blind.
Your KB article doesn’t ever state the translation of ports, it’s just 80 -> 80, since you can only specify this on a single place, usually when you’re configuring Port Forwarding you get to choose a WAN port like 8080, which later gets NATed to whatever server at say port 80 instead.

And as you state, this is indeed one of the most trivial functions in these sort of boxes, I can’t really imagine Peplink beeing any less good then a D-Link for ~30EUR. :cool:


Step 1: Under the Network tab click on Servers underneath Inbound Access

Now click on Add Server and give it a name and enter the LAN IP address of the device you want to forward traffic to and save it

Step 2: Click on Services underneath Inbound Access and then click on Add Service. Here you will give it a name and select Port Mapping and choose which WAN connections/IP addresses to listen on

Then just select the Server LAN IP you just created in the previous step to forward the traffic to

Step 3: Save, apply changes, and you are off to the races :smiley:

Aha! I completely missed that “Port Mapping” drop-down, my god I was indeed blind.
Thanks a bunch, keep up the good work.

Glad you got it working, enjoy your Peplink!