Peplink 310 lost access after enabling DNS


I’m knew to peplink’s and we have a balance 310. It is configured and was working well. I wanted to get the DNS configured so we could make use of the link balancing. So I went in and enabled DNS and set the WAN 1 and WAN 2 interface to respond to DNS requests. As soon as I applied, I lost access to the peplink and only a restore of the prior config got things up and running again.

What would cause this?




By default the Balance is the DNS proxy (See Network LAN>DNS Proxy Settings (located at the bottom)>Enable.

With this enabled basically the Balance will forward DNS requests from your LAN clients to the DNS servers that are defined for each WAN connection.

Unless you are talking about the Authoritative DNS settings (Network>Inbound Access>DNS Settings. For setup here is a link with full setup instructions:

I am talking about the authoritative section. The only thing we did backwards was adding the domain first and I added an A record and then enabled the DNS. Once I hit apply, everything went down.

Per the guide:

Also, ensure the SOA/NS records are defined as well.

If those are setup and it is still not working open a support ticket and we can take a closer look: