Peplink 310 firmware upgrade - risk of going back to factory default


I have Peplink 310 in production, running firmware v4.70 build 1082. I need to upgrade the firmware to the latest version (5.4.4) so that it may form a VPN tunnel with another Peplink. However in the documentation I find this:

“The firmware upgrade process may not necessarily preserve the previous configuration, and the behavior varies on a case-by-case basis. Consult the Release Notes for the particular firmware version.”

I can’t find the release notes for v4.70. Can a Peplink engineer please find out if the 310 will lose the configuration?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Joe,

Since this is a big jump in firmware, I would recommend taking these steps:

  1. Save your current configuration. If there is a problem we can convert it for you.

  2. Upgrade to 5.0.0 firmware.

  3. Upgrade to 5.4.4 firmware.

Best regards,

The Peplink Team

Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for the advice. Just curious, what would be the potential risk of jumping straight from v4.7 to v5.4.4 ?

Also, because I am in Hong Kong and would probably not be in the hours of your service desk, I would not be able to send you an version-incompatible configuration file (in time to get the production network back up.) Would my best bet be to prepare for a start-from scratch reconfiguration of the newly upgraded Peplink?

Thank you,

Also, if I send the backup configuration file to you now (v4.7) would you be able to convert it v5.4.4 format in advance of the upgrade? If so, who can I send it to?

We tried to upgrade the firewall to version 5+ but could not; we then found out it would be a USD 500 charge to get the unlock key for this upgrade. Now we have a Peplink at a remote branch running 5.0+ and the Peplink at the HQ running 4.7. We can’t get a VPN tunnel up between them.

Please advise on what the hell we should do. The company doesn’t have an extra $500 falling out of the petty cash drawer.

Hello? Anybody home?

You can still login the remote branch unit and reboot the unit back to 4.7. Please let us know you would able to process it or not.

That’s a great idea. Thank you.