Peplink 310 expected throughput

I have a Peplink 310 Hw4 running firmware 6.1.2 build 1597. We just upgraded to 500/50 cable service via our local ISP Suddenlink. Upon testing, I am seeing the 50 Mbps upload speeds but I cannot get greater than 50 Mbps download. Is this expected behavior? I was expecting that the 310 should be able to process 350 Mbps. Do I need to do a firmware upgrade to realize higher speeds or am I hardware limited? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Derek Kuhl

The balance 310 hw4 should support 350Mbps.50Mbps download is a bit suspicious. Is it exactly 50Mbps? First thing to check is a laptop plugged directly into your new 500/50 service - what speeds do you get? Next thing to check is that the physical port speed has been negotiated correctly (on the hidden support.cgi page) - maybe its defaulted to 100Mbps half duplex instead of 1000Mbps full duplex?

Thank you Martin. A computer plugged directly into the modem gives us the full 500/50 speed. The physical port speed is set to 1000Mbps Full Duplex. When I do a speed test, the maximum download peaks on the Real Time Bandwidth graph is about 30Mbps while the upload peaks are at 50 Mbps.

Weird. Upgrade the firmware to 8.1 and test again.

With the speed being consistently limited to 50m I would not be surprised to see someone had previously set a per-user limit of 50m in the B310 user bandwidth control.

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