Peplink 310 dual WAN DNS issues

I am looking for some configuration advice:

I have two WAN connections, and trying to configure my domain on one&one to point to peplink. However, when I put in the ns that peplink set up, the one&one dns screen shows error: “The name server is not sufficient or hasn’t been approved.Subdomains of the original domainname as name servers for the original domainname need a fixed IP! Please refer to the FAQ (keyword: Glue domain)!”

Has anyone configured a domain name to point to Peplink so that the traffic is load balanced and or routed over one or the other WAN IPs if one WAN link goes down?

First, make sure that the Balance 310 is setup properly following this KB article:

Once you have confirmed that the Balance is resolving the DNS queries, you need to log in to your 1and1 control panel and create two new sub-domains for the domain and these will be and, etc. For each of these new sub-domains you need to edit the DNS settings and choose ‘1and1 nameserver’ and choose ‘other IP’ and enter the corresponding IP from your Balance’s WAN connection. Next you need to edit the DNS settings for the domain itself and choose ‘my nameserver’ and enter as primary and as secondary, etc.

It can take up to a day or two for everything to get updated, but I know this works - I use 1and1 myself :slight_smile: