Peplink 310 Bandwidth Limit

Hi. We have a Peplink Balance 310 with the following configuration:
- Hardware Revision: 2
- Firmware Version: 6.1.2 build 2717

We have a Frontier FiOS 300Mbps/300Mbps connection on WAN1. We do very large data syncs between our corporate LAN and Microsoft Azure Blob containers, and the max throughput that we can attain is 50Mbps upload and 50Mbps download, no matter how many simultaneous streams that we open. I’m getting this 50 Mbps number by watching the Bandwidth Real-Time graphs within the Peplink UI while we are doing these large transfers.

I’ve looked up the rated throughput for this model router in the document below, and the rating is 350 Mbps:

I have a couple of questions.

  1. How is the 350 Mbps throughput rating calculated? Is that an aggregation of all WAN ports?
  2. Am I likely running up against a bottleneck within the Peplink 310 router, itself?
  3. Will something like a firmware update help increase the bandwidth, or do I need a different model router to get above the 50Mbps/50Mbps limit that we’re experiencing?

See Ya!

Balance 310 Hw2 is an old hardware. Its throughput is 50Mbps. Please consider upgrading your hardware. Below is the latest model comparison for Balance router.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond!