Peplink 305 Woe's

Hi All,

New to the Forum, new to the Peplink universe as well. My organization has a Peplink 305 that was recommended to us by our Internet Provider. This all stemmed from an Internet speed upgrade issue. We originally had 75 Mbps Down/75 Mbps Up for our original package, through one line. When the time came to upgrade to 150, our ISP made it clear that the only way to do so was to have two separate lines, providing 75 Mbps each for down speed. So now with our 150 Mbps Down, we have a Peplink 305 that is load balancing across two different IP Addresses.

With that said, we’ve had significant infrastructure issues this year, and we are just now turning our eyes to the Peplink. We unfortunately took the word of our ISP that this unit would be sufficient, but it seems to be rated for 50-500 Users and 200 Mbps total throughput. Our organization uses it simply for Load Balancing, and we have well over 2000-2500 Users during normal operation. We’re working on getting better SNMP logs, but i’ve seen the CPU spike to 96% usage when we are getting over 100 Mbps down.

With that said, is this unit significantly underrated for our environment? Is there any other information I can provide to put together the pieces? My next question would be (assuming the anwser to my first question is yes) is what unit would service what we have now for client count, and allow room for growth. Appreciate it,


Hi wind770,

Where as the specs for the recommended number of users is not hard-set it does provide a good metric for sizing. I would say without looking into it deeper, that your unit is undersized both for users and bandwidth. You have the combined bandwidth of 300 Mbps and the 305 is rated for 200 Mbps. You also have well more than the recommended 500 user for this device. to allow for growth i would look at the 1350. this will give plenty of room for increasing both the users and the bandwidth. Please feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss in more detail