Peplink 305 remote access no internet


Dear All

I have a peplink 305 at office where I have set up remote user access. I can successfully connect to the peplink and access local network computers and printers but I cannot navigate on the internet. I would like to be able to Browse internet with my office ip address. What can I do to enable it?

Thank you


If there are no firewall rules blocking this it may depend on the VPN client. Windows machines by default use the VPN client for a default gateway to remote networks. This is configured in the advanced TCP/IP settings in the VPN network connection.



all Firewall rules (outbound, inbound, internal networks) are opened. Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention is enabled. I’m using version 6.3.4 build 3613 on Peplink 305 Hardware Revision 1.
I’m using the default client of OSX Mojave.
My remote network ( is different from my local network (
I can access all my remote local network but can’t browse internet on my computer while i’m connected to the VPN.
My aim is to use my remote office IP address when browsing internet as i’m using some services that are only allowed from my Office IP.

please help !


The default client of OSX Mojave does not send internet traffic through the VPN so this needs to be configured in the VPN client.


I have configured the VPN to send all traffic over VPN connection. See screenshot attached.
if i unchecked send all traffic over VPN connection i can browse the net but with my local IP not with my office IP.


Please open a support ticket with us here so we can investigate the issue.