Peplink 305 in two datacenters

I have been using a Peplink 305 in our datacenter to balance multiple WANs and also for VPN protection. I really do not understand Fusion and what it can do. I bought it mostly for multiple WANS and it works great.

Our business has grown and I am opening a 2nd datacenter on the opposite coast. I bought another 305 and it will be used to handle multiple WANs and for VPN protection as well.

DC1 is using 192.168.100.xx and DC2 is using 192.168.200.xx

When I want to connect to DC1 servers from my laptop, I first connect to the VPN and I have access. When I want to connect to the DC2 servers, I disconnect from the DC1 VPN and then connect to the DC2 VPN.

Is there a way to connect to one VPN and then have access to all of the servers at one time? These datacenters are running web servers. The firewall allows port 443 and there’s a ton of incoming and outgoing traffic. I do want this traffic bouncing from one DC the other as they have different domain names.

Hope that makes sense.

Dear Bmcgin,

Welcome back to our forum, I would advise you to implement SpeedFusion (SF) to connect the two headquarters, you can define what traffic you want to go through that SF tunnel but it would work very well for you to be able to connect to a single headquarters and from there have access to your entire network or communicate between sites if you want it that way. I send you a link where they explain better what SpeedFusion technology is and how to configure it

Understanding and Configuring PepVPN/SpeedFusion

Thanks. I just set it up on the two Peplinks. Crazy how easy that is and well it works. Very nice!

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