Peplink 300 DNS limit of 71?

Hi, when I bought the peplink 300 it was advertised as having no actual limit to the number of DNS entries it could hold, just a recommended practical limit of the number of users using its bandwidth.

I have 71 domain names in successfully, and I have enterred a 72nd domain name in and saved and working.

BUT whenever I power cycle the peplink, the 72nd domain name vanishes. Web and email stop. The client is very unhappy. I have to log back into the peplink and re-enter the 72nd domain details over again.

(I guess if I enter a 73rd etc domain name they will disappear after a power cycle also…?)

So, it appears the peplink 300 does have an actual DNS limit after all - of 71 domain names.

Although it is 4 years old, this is not a warranty issue, this is a product not handling what it was sold to be able to do.

(And that is not to mention all the numerous bugs it has - that I reported in the first month of owning it in 2007, that were never fixed, and then they stopped supporting it in 2009 - no more firmware updates - citing I just need to buy a new model. Well, I put to you, given the numerous ignored bugs in the 300, and I also have a 20L model with the same bugs that I had no choice but to remove and use a different solution, why should I hand over double my money to get what I originally paid for, with NO guarantee that those bugs will not be in the new models and that they will drop updates for the new model in a year or two also. Mostly they were just annoying bugs that a simple firware update should have fixed but in 2 years they NEVER did, but the most crippling bug is lack of SMTP authentication for SMTP Forwarding - when they KNOW SMTP Authentication is required [and knew back then] because they include SMTP Authentication in the Email Notification section, but in 2 years before they discontinued Firmware updates they NEVER added SMTP Authentication to the SMTP Forwarding service. Given that practically every ISP today requires SMTP Authentication to cut out spam, this has crippled my multi-WAN networks and I had no choice but to remove the PePlinks [after spending days and days of trying to work around the problem] and put in more expensive ISP solutions. But will PePlink refund my purchases, let alone reimburse my expenses??? No way. And now I find the 300 will not even handle more than 71 domain names. Great.

Hi Jon, customer satisfaction is what we care most at Peplink. That’s why we have the 30-day return policy from day #1 we started our online store.

  1. Your purchase was from 2007. I personally responded to a few of your support requests from Jun-Jul in that year. And we never hear back from you since! (I searched through my years of email archive.) Unless I am missing something here, presumably we thought you were happy with our answers and the product.

  2. Even though your purchase was from a local reseller (thus our online return policy does not directly apply), if you had asked, we would have gladly assisted the return/refund for you through the reseller. We fully stand behind our products, we will not want to keep your money if we know you are frustrated.

  3. Regarding the number of domain name support, practically we should understand there is always a physical constraint on any computing device. We don’t apply any software limit just for the sake of convenience to our customers.

But we don’t hide such information, an updated version of the DNS capacity is posted here:

An old version of the same FAQ which contains your model - Balance 300 - can still be found at the Internet archive:

*** EXTRACT ***

Peplink Balance 200/300

20 Domains

For each domain:

5 NS Records

5 MX Records

30 CNAME Records

30 IP addresses for all A Records


Your model has a listed capacity of 20 domains. Therefore, I’m afraid you’re using it in a manner that’s 2X over its designed capacity.

  1. With the advances in Internet technologies, the Balance 300 probably does not meet the demand of your customer today. For resolving the current situation, you can email me at keithc AT and I will assist in whatever way we could in a professional and responsible manner.

Thank you.