Peplink 30 with Vigor 120 access to Vigor GUI

I have just got a Peplink 30 to replace my Alix PC Engine based ZeroShell load balancing SOHO router which I was using with a pair of Vigor 120 ADSL modems.

I’ve installed the Peplink 30 and I’m very impressed with it, a nice sensible GUI with loads of features (the monthly throughput limits on the WAN interfaces being the reason I bought it).

Anyway I have retained the 2 x Vigor 120 ADSL modems and have them connected to the WAN1 & 2 ports, these ports being setup as PPPoE connections and all work fine.

The only issue I have is that the Vigor 120 devices have a simple Web GUI which enables me to see the detail/health of my broadband links. With my ZeroShell system I was able to connect to these devices from the LAN. Unfortunately I can’t get this to work with the P30.

The Vigor 120’s have a very simple IP configuration, they have a static IP address and also optionally run a DHCP server for the network they’re on. When I had the Vigor 120’s connected to the ZeroShell it (the ZeroShell) picked-up an address for its WAN interface (even though its interface was configured as PPPoE). Then I was able to connect to the IP address of the Vigor 120’s from my LAN subnet.

Any help/thoughts most welcome.