Peplink 30 WAN Aggregation

I was under the impression that my new Peplink 30 could aggregate WAN connections. Is this not the case?

I have 5 static ip’s on a slow (3Mbit) dsl circuit and dynamic on a new 20 Mbit cable circuit. When testing speed on if I choose a local server it seems to use the dsl connection. When I choose a server that is about 600 miles away it seems to use the cable connection.

I don’t seem to get an aggregated bandwidth.

Peplink Balance can combine the bandwidth by using Custom Rules of Outbound Policy and our Speedtest tool. Please refer the following FAQ for details

thanks for the reply.

the peplink broadband test tool returned aggregated speed but the article suggests that this is not happening for a single client. and now I am not having aggregated speed.

how do I setup the device (peplink 30) to aggregate bandwidth for a single client/ip?

You can have aggregated speed during multiple concurrent data transfers. Multiple concurrent data transfers will be happened when you open a web page which contains multiple objects or using mutilthread download manager to download a file. The nature of those kind of application will connect to destination server with multiple sessions. With changing the Peplink Balance Outbound Policy to Managed by Custom Rules that mentioned in the FAQ that we previously provided, you will have aggregate bandwidth

How to configure inbound load balance?

Please check the following article from our knowledgebase: