Peplink 30 stuck on boot!


On a brand new Peplink 30 after a firmware upgrade, it starts with the status led blinking red. I tried to reset it with no luck. I dont get an ip and i cannot switch to the alternative rom. Any ideas how to bypass this?

If you have pin reset the device then you should get an IP via DHCP and access the web admin at, if not then please contact your point of purchase for an exchange. If you bought it directly from us, then visit:


Thanks i already tried to reset it with no luck. How much time should i keep on pressing the reset button with a pin?

Usually about 5-8 seconds, you will see the status light go red and after it reboots it should go green again in 30-45 seconds.

i tried for more than that, but the status led still blinking red. Any other suggestions?

If the status LED just keeps blinking red then we are looking at a hardware issue and the unit will need to be replaced…