PEPLINK 30 - Poll the status - client list table via snmp



is it possible to poll the status - client list table via snmp?


I would like to record the bandwith usage of the clients.

Regards Mario


Not via SNMP but we could view detailed up/downstream bandwidth usage per client with user-friendly and intuitive chart under Status > Daily on the web admin page (http://x.x.x.x/cgi-bin/MANGA/index.cgi?option=dailyusage)


Thats a way if I would only check the status once. My goal is to archiv the values so I can go back in time an see what was the status at a certain point in time.

If there is no other way I will parse the website to collect the values I want to store. Not so elegant but …


There is anther way if you are comfortable with SSH - on our upcoming firmware 5.4 due out in Q1 we will support CLI via SSH. A client list similar to the one under Status > Client List on the web admin page will be supported.


Nice feature !


Yes it is :slight_smile: firmware 5.4 beta is available through if you want to take a closer look.