Peplink 30 & Linksys Wireless Router

Hi All,

I am sure this will be a no-brainer for most of you guys.

I recently added a Peplink 30 to my home network and I am now trying to connect it to a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router (WRT54G) for its wireless connections as I have a couple of wireless devices I want on the network.

I connect both devices via LAN ports 1 but I can’t find / connect to the Linksys.

Both devices have a different IP address. I haven’t touched the Peplink basic settings (and have updated to the latest Firmware).

Where am I going wrong? Any guidance very much appreciated.


If you are just wanting to use the router as a Wireless Access Point (WAP), I would recommend checking out the custom firmware DDWRT, it is an open source firmware that will allow the router to function as an Access Point, Wireless Bridge, Repeater, etc. Check out the links below, the first link is the main site, the second link is where you can type in model and version of your router to find the firmware, and the last link is for a guide to setting up the router with the new firmware as an access point. The whole process takes 15-30 minutes max.

Here is some reading on actually setting up the router as a WAP

or, just di8sable dhcp server on linksys, and make sure you are connecting to your LAN port on the linksys. Also set the DNS server to the same ip as your peplink.

BUT, I agree with Randall, dd-wrt is the way to go, I wont buy a router unless it supports it.