Peplink 30 IP Conflicts

Hello Everyone.

I have been fighting, blow for blow, with my network for about 10 days now.

I work on a campus in Haiti that prior to 2 weeks ago had no functioning network. The campus covers about 4 acres and has 8 buildings on it. I have two isp’s. The first is set up as primary and the second is failover. The primary signal coming in is setup using DHCP and has the ip My Lan is set up on subnet with the ip range

I have a Ubiquiti Point to multi point set up distributing the signal to each building. The wifi is built with open mesh products.

My problem is that I am constantly getting ip conflict errors. Sometimes devices wont connect at all via ethernet or wifi. At most I have about 50 wifi clients and 5 wired clients.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on to why I am drowning in ip conflict problems.

Did you say your ISP Primary Modem was in NAT mode handing your WAN 1 interface a and you have your LAN on the Balance setup also as a If that is the case you should put your ISP modem/demarc into bridge mode and let the Balance WAN interface receive the Public IP from your ISP. Or change your Balance LAN to a or anything but

Thanks for the reply tjvoip45! My ISP is coming from a p2p network and has a router that give me 25 ip addresses… The ISP is coming from the Dominican Republic, sending a signal into Haiti… (Thats why it might sound weird…) The WAN 1 port on my router is set to DHCP. The Wan gets the ip address of I then changed my ip address to the 192.168.0.x range to avoid conflict with the wan 1 port. Are you saying that I should change to 192.168.2.x? What would be the advantage of that? Thanks, have a great day!

Either way, you will want to ensure that the LAN and WAN 1 (or WAN2) are on unique subnets. I.E:

WAN links can be apart of the same subnet and even have the same gateway, however they do need to have unique IP addresses.

LAN: /24
WAN1: /24
WAN2: /24