Peplink 30 Direct Wan-to-LAN bypass?

I am thinking about purchasing the Peplink 30 for my home office. The internet here is only 6Mbps/1Mbps at best, so I am getting 2 dry loop DSL connections so I can use load balancing to compensate for this somewhat. My father, who lives in the downstairs, has his own home use 5Mbps/800Kbps connection, with only 15GB bandwidth per month before overage fees kick in.

I’d like to arrange a “bypass” rule on my dad’s internet, such that WAN3 goes directly to LAN3 for all traffic, without participating in load balancing with the other 2 WAN connections, so that I don’t accidentally use any of his bandwidth allowance (mine is virtually unlimited), but configured in a way that I can still use the bandwidth monitoring and bandwidth limiting features of the Peplink 30 for his internet connection.

Is it possible to use the Peplink 30 in this manner?


You could do that with outbound rules - give him a static IP, and then assign its traffic to WAN 3 enforced. Then make a rule for everyone else, to only share across WAN 1 and 2.

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry, although I am what you might call a “power user,” I don’t have a lot of experience configuring router settings, and I do not yet own a Peplink.

The static IP for my dad’s connection - would I set this in my dad’s router? He’s on a consumer-grade Bell Sympatico modem, and I’m not sure it even has an admin interface.

How would I configure the rule for everyone else to only share across WAN 1 and 2?


You can configure DHCP reservation for your dad’s connection in the Peplink 30 to have a static IP. Then configure an Outbound Policy to enforce your dad’s static IP to use WAN 3 for all outbound connection and another Outbound Policy to load balance across WAN 1 and 2. Hope this helps.

Thanks Stanley, good to know that this is possible. This gives me a rough idea how to implement these policies on the Peplink 30.

I have found load balancing features in a few other entry-level routers, but the bandwidth monitoring/limiting features and the flexibility of the router configurations are what sold me. I will definitely be purchasing one now.

Thanks for your time.

Glad to hear that. Hope you will enjoy our product. Thanks.

One last question: I understand the concept of DHCP reservation via assigning a static IP to a MAC address, but is it possible to make that assignment to a LAN port, such that “all traffic coming from the LAN3 port [for instance] will be routed to WAN3”? That way it won’t matter what computers are hooked up, just whatever is plugged into LAN3. Not that my dad is a gadget freak or anything, but creating a new Outbound Policy for every device which /might be/ on his local network is a bit tedious, and not terribly flexible.

Unfortunately this cannot be done as the LAN ports are just like a normal switch ports. The Outbound Policy will just recognise by IP.

I suppose if my dad did have a lot of devices, I could just put a cheap router in between the Peplink and his local network, and use the MAC address of that router to assign the static IP… but that would be overkill.

Anyways, thanks for the clarification. I’ll just make sure I assign a static IP + custom policy for each of his devices.

Yes. That would be an option.