Peplink 2500 SFP+ Transceiver Compatibility

Hi Guys,

I’m just trying to find a list of compatible transceivers for the 2500 SFP+ model

Does anyone have a link?

Wasn’t in the manual so I assume there is a separate Data Sheet

Anyone know if the Peplink SFP+ are compatible to connect to a HP Procurve?

SFP+ SR J9150A 850nm


We are working on the compatibility list.

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Thanks Chung-Lai, I will check the website again in a few weeks.

We have updated the SFP+ compatibility list as below

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Good day guyz,

I need you help.

I have a planned to add a transceiver which supports single mode and multi mode cable. I want to connect the two switches with the same transceiver. According to the specifications,

Media interfaces : LC
Connector LC :
Fiber type : single mode, multimode

How many LC cables are needed and why?

will I use 2 LC cables for transmitter and receiver or not?

Please help me.

it is urgent please, i need to purchase this week for the 5% off all items on sfpcables site.