Peplink 210 with Multiple WAN Connections

Not sure if I posted this in the correct forum or not.

My company has been using peplinks ever since I have started, we were using 30’s. We recently got in a couple of 210’s to try and get an active failover with the dual internet connections we are installing into new locations. I am trying to figure out how to configure the peplink so the failover works as well as our Cisco ASA (5500 series). We currently are running two Bal 30’s with two VPN connections for each WAN which we want to get away from and move to a single point on the ASA.

My question(s) are: How do we get the 210 to fail over seemlessly at the same time only having one configuration for the site in the ASA? Is this a configuration for the ASA and I would need to get in touch with Cisco to help configure it (unless someone can help here, only using ASDM and not the command line tools) or is there a way that the peplink creates a “virtual” IP that we can use for the ASA?


Hi Matt,

I am assuming you are referring to IPSec site-to-site VPN between Peplink and Cisco?

You can refer to this knowledge base article on the sample configuration between Peplink and Cisco IOS router, with failover capability. You might need to get some help on translating the Cisco IOS configuration into your Cisco ASA 5500.