Peplink 20x & T-Mobile

I cannot get my brand new peplink 20x to obtain an IP address with T-Mobile? Plenty of signal strength but no IP or internet. PLEASE HELP

What plan do you have? Does the SIM work in any other device?

Thanks for the response. It’s internet only 100gb/month. I did try it in my phone and it would not work. There is questions regarding whether or not internet only SIM cards work in phones. Thoughts?

Hi. I’d suggest:

  1. Confirming with TMO that your account has been provisioned properly (have your IMEI handy during the call.)
  2. During that call ask them what your APN should be.

I’ll say this does not sound at all like a “router issue.” Please let us know what happens …

I think T-mobile has said the 100GB internet only plan would only work in their home internet device and would be locked to that one tower…

Well this could be the answer? I can’t tell you how many discussions I’ve had w TMobile and they never said a word. Why would the prepaid program work and the subscription not work?

Just in case this is relevant, I was reading on another forum that someone gave up trying to get that plan working in a router because they needed to receive a SMS message on the router’s phone number.

I read it right on the FAQ for the plan on t-mobile’s website a few weeks ago.

Hi Everyone. Unfortunately I am also a member of this camp. I talked with the experts at T-Mobile and they pretty much said that its not their problem and to talk to Peplink, hence my being here at the forums. Sounds like I need to ditch T-Mobile and go with a bigger player. Sound correct?