Peplink 20 issue

I have to say I am very unhappy customer with the last peplink 20 on my hand, only 12 end device connected and CPU spikes like crazy - I believe after last firmware upgrade, now I cannot use ppp vpn

I used to have three others like balance one and ended up placing them into trash, I believe I have to do same thing with the 20 and all money invested into these devices was a waste

I really like the simplicity of these devices but stability is under huge question

Of course I dont have warranty since one year just passed

@MST, while you are certainly entitled to your opinion I strongly disagree and feel our large user base will as well.

If there really were stability issues I don’t think we would have all the high-profile Government, Military, and Enterprise-class customers that rely on our products every day.

Please have a look at some user comments here:

Doesn’t seem unreliable to me…



MST, what you describe is uncommon. I have many of the same routers, most of them with a lot more devices behind than what you describe. Its pretty clear there is something wrong with your setup or configuration. If you would like help figuring it out tell us in detail about the configuration, LAN design, type of devices, and then ask about one specific issue at a time.

Please send me any of those units you threw in the trash. They work fine for me!