Peplink 20 hiting 100% CPU

Hi Folks,

We have a peplink 20 running firmware 5.3.7 that is facing some trouble. We are noticing that the device is facing frequently spikes of 100% CPU and right now we faced tree occasions where we need to reboot the device in order to access the dashboard. we are trying to investigate what could be causing the issue but so far we was not able to identify the source of it. What could we do in order to trace it?

Also is it possbile to receive snmptraps from peplink?

Thanks in advance,

Eric Chaves

Hello Eric,

The first step is to upgrade the firmware 5.3.7 to 5.3.8. The firmware is on our website. If you have not registered your unit online, please do so to get the latest firmware.

If you run into the same issue with the latest firmware, please send us a diagnostic report and a network diagram with IP address scheme at

Then we can go from there.

> Also is it possbile to receive snmptraps from peplink?

Balance units support SNMP, but you will have to have a workstation so that you get the information.

Thank you and best regards,


The Peplink Team