Peplink 20 hangs with WAN2 and AP controller on at same time


I’ve been having an issue with my Peplink Balance 20 since I’ve gotten it, but now I am implementing WAN2 failover and would like to correct the problem.

Basically when I have WAN2 trying to connect (router is find if WAN2 is in standby) and the AP controller is active, the router’s CPU goes up to 100% and hangs at the UI. Resolves with disconnect of WAN2 and/or APs or reboot of router with WAN2 disconnected.

This was a second hand purchased device.

Maybe related issue, but I’ve also noticed that when my NAS starts syncing large files to another location via site-to-site VPN, it can also cause the CPU to go up to 100%. Temporarily dealt with by thottling at the NAS level, but would like to avoid having to throttle. (1 Gb/s Fios on this side, slower 70 Mb/s on the remote site, throttle set at 2MB/s to stop CPU from maxing out.)


Balance 20 supports 150Mbps router throughput and 30Mbps PepVPN throughput. CPU load will be spikes if the throughput near to it’s hardware limit. Have you observed what is the upload and download throughput on the Dashboard when you are syncing the file?

I guess that explains it, I didn’t realize that PepVPN throughput was lower than the total 150Mbs I saw somewhere in the specs. Thanks